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Chiropractic Adjustments & Modalities

Body aches and pains affect many aspects of everyday life… Dr. Crivelli will help you to regain your balance and bring you back to wellness through a wide range of holistic modalities.

Whether you have back pain, have been injured through sports or from an automobile or work related accident, have headaches, stiff neck, arthritis, or pregnancy related pain, Dr. Crivelli will customize a wellness plan to help you regain your alignment while bringing your body back to its optimum state for peak performance. Some of the modalities include:

Adjustments or Manipulation
Experiencing any of the above listed problems?
Adjustments are an excellent way to keep the body functioning at its highest level. Removing nerve interference (Subluxations) is how the body regains proper alignment and balance enabling peak performance and functionality.


Cold Laser Therapy
Feeling Muscle Pain?
This innovative, therapeutic healing method eliminates the need for painful, debilitating surgeries and drug therapies which may be accompanied by harmful side effects. MedX Phototherapy is proven effective for difficult to treat conditions and is ideal for pain reduction.


Therapeutic Exercise
Is your Body Lacking Flexibility?
Align Chiropractic Day Spa offers therapeutic exercise lessons to help you regain your flexibility and perform your normal daily activity free from pain or discomfort.


Ultrasound Therapy
Have Joint Pain and Swelling?
Ultrasound Therapy is ideal for joint pain and inflammation, as well as for most soft tissue injuries. The combination of ultrasound waves and heat begin the healing process at the most basic cellular level, accelerating the road to recovery.


Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Have muscle spasms, cramps and aches?
In an effort to help reduce swelling and release trigger points that may have your muscles locked up this is a great therapy for spasms in the back or neck muscles. Short therapy sessions are excellent and are designed to facilitate healing from acute or chronic pain.