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Aesthetic Specialties

Purchase your facials as a series a save!

Ideal for both women and men

Add Oxygen Radiance to any treatment for only  $30

Depilatory Waxing Available

Skin Analysis
First, we learn about your skin by performing a detailed skin analysis and then customize the ideal skin care program to best meet your needs.  Products used are plant and mineral extract based products to protect all skin types.


Teen Clear and Blemish Free Skin $73  (Series of 3 $199 – save $20)
Are skin imperfections making you self-conscious or uncomfortable?
Make your imperfections disappear! This Acne program specifically addresses problematic, oily skin which is prone to breakouts. By targeting your most common concerns, skin impurities are gently polished away with deep enzyme exfoliation, followed by gentle steam, light therapy, and an acne masque. Your complexion emerges wonderfully clear and visibly soothed. Your take-home products are designed to provide assistance in paving the way for a beautiful complexion.

This program is ideal for adults or teens who suffer from facial or back acne.  Effectiveness of the program is based on commitment to the in-spa program, with a 3 visit minimum combined with consistent at home participation.   Please enquire about our series program which may  includes two treatments per month for 6 months. This program provides additional discount pricing for home acne solution products.


Microdermabrasion $65
Tired of fine lines, hyperpigmentation, uneven texture, and/or mild acne scarring?
This procedure provides a deep exfoliation, free of harsh chemicals. Visible results are accelerated and downtime is decreased. This treatment also includes a classic facial. Your skin will appear healthier with even color tone, smooth texture, and a youthful glow! Rediscover smooth and younger looking skin.


Anti-Aging $95
Is your skin showing signs of aging?
Provide your skin with the ultimate antioxidant boost. Experience the refreshing and relaxing benefits of this gentle yet effective anti-aging facial. By combining a powerful blend of vitamin C and seaweed, this anti-aging treatment improves your skin’s elasticity while minimizing fine lines with replenishing antioxidants. Your complexion emerges wonderfully hydrated and visibly rejuvenated. This is the Advanced Delivery system. Microdermabrasion, Oxygen Infusion, & Peel.


Oxygenating Radiance $40
Is your skin going through changes?
Treat it accordingly with this customized facial. Your skin will relish this deep pore cleansing featuring an application of a soothing multivitamin power mask. Enjoy skin that is refreshed, radiant, and renewed! This is the Hydrating system.


Professional Peel $65
Looking for Skin Renewal?
This peel contains salicylic lactic citrus with LSS delivery to help renew, refresh, and regenerate. It will reduce the visible signs of aging and provide a vibrant healthy look! We highly recommend at least five treatments. This is the Peel system.

Hair Removal Services

Get rid of that unwanted hair! Professional hair removal by our licensed  Aestheticians is convenient and affordable.  

Eyebrows $12     Lip or Chin  $12     Full Face  $49     Half-Face  $40     Under-Arms  $20

Half Arms $20   Full Arms  $39       Half Legs  $28     Full Legs  $55     Full Back or Chest $55  Both Back & Chest  $98

Bikini  $28         Brazilian $80-$100